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1Unknown ArtistJupiter II Interior: Freezing Tubes Close, Glow Induced, Hatch Closes, Lift-Off 2:07
2OrchestraGiants Probing/The Rescue
Composed By – John Williams
3Dick Tufeld"Warning, Warning"0:03
4Richard BasehartRichard Basehart Interview - 19664:59
5OrchestraLand Of The Giants (Main Title Season Two)
Composed By – John Williams
6OrchestraOcean Floor Search/Squid Fight
Composed By – Paul Sawtell
7Unknown ArtistElectronic Pop #1 0:10
8OrchestraLand Of The Giants (Main Title Season One)
Composed By – John Williams
9Unknown ArtistThe Keeper's Staff #10:19
10OrchestraLand Of The Giants End Title - Season I
Composed By – John Williams
11 Suite From Island In The Sky
12OrchestraThe Time Tunnel End Credit
Composed By – John Williams
13Unknown ArtistElectronic Pop #5 0:06
14Marta KristenMarta Kristen Interview1:41
15OrchestraThe Time Tunnel Main Title
Composed By – John Williams
16Unknown ArtistSeaview Exterior0:44
17Unknown ArtistThe Keeper's Staff #20:19
18Robert ColbertRobert Colbert Interview1:50
19 Suite From Wild Adventure
20Dick Tufeld"Sorry, I Was Just Clearing My Tapes"0:04
21 Suite From Jonah And The Whale
22 Volume III: Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
23Unknown ArtistAlpha Control Interior1:25
24OrchestraDoug Duels/Tony Returns/Doug Chased/Tony Again/Pal Fight/More Pal Fight/What's Happened/Stand Back
Composed By – George Duning
25Neil NormanLand Of The Giants (Main Title Season Two)
Composed By – John Williams
26OrchestraGiant Eyes/Hidden Gun/The Big Cat/Bug Box
Composed By – John Williams
27Unknown ArtistStuds In Space #2 (Radio Spot)1:01
28Sheila Mathews AllenSheila Mathews Allen Interview1:06
29OrchestraLand Of The Giants Main Title - Season I
Composed By – John Williams
30Unknown ArtistLaser Pistol0:07
31 Suite From The Hungry Sea
32Dick Tufeld"Danger, Danger"0:03
33 Irwin Allen Sound Effects Library
34Bill MumySloop John B '963:37
35OrchestraVoyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - Main Title
Composed By – Paul Sawtell
36Unknown ArtistSpooky Winds0:40
37Unknown ArtistAlien Viewing Screen0:20
38OrchestraLand Of The Giants (Alternate Main Title)
Composed By – Alexander Courage
39OrchestraOff Course/The Landing/Dense Fog
Composed By – John Williams
40OrchestraTractor Play-On/Electric Sagebrush/Will Is Threatened
Composed By – John Williams
41OrchestraThe Time Tunnel End Title
Composed By – John Williams
42 Bonus Disc
43Angela CartwrightAngela Cartwright Interview1:05
44Unknown ArtistJupiter II In Flight0:44
45 Volume V: Land Of The Giants
46OrchestraLost/Job Well Done
Composed By – Paul Sawtell
47Unknown ArtistJupiter II Astrogator0:29
48OrchestraOpening Scene/J-5/Take-Off/F-12/Colonel Fogey/Penny And J-5/A Zaybo For Smith/Turkey Dinner/Act-Out On J-5
Composed By – Joseph Mullendore
49Unknown ArtistOscillator #31:30
50Unknown ArtistSeaview Bridge Interior0:45
51OrchestraLost In Space Main Title - Season Three
Composed By – John Williams
52Unknown ArtistMeteor Pass-By 0:10
53Unknown ArtistSiren #10:32
54Dick Tufeld"Dr. Smith Is Incapable Of Telling The Truth"0:03
55OrchestraTony's Tall Tales/Althea's Attack/Doug's Arrival/Hose Nose/Telegraph/Approaching The 'Berg
Composed By – John Williams
56Unknown ArtistSeaview Computer Click0:25
57 Suite From The Crash (Alexander Courage)
58 Suite From Eleven Days To Zero
59 Suite From The Reluctant Stowaway
60Unknown ArtistElectronic Pop #4 0:10
61Unknown ArtistSiren #20:31
62OrchestraHome Free Part I/Home Free Part II
Composed By – Jerry Goldsmith
63Bill MumyGreensleeves '962:28
64OrchestraEnd Title (The Seaview Theme)
Composed By – Paul Sawtell
65OrchestraLost In Space Main Title
Composed By – John Williams
66Dick Tufeld"My Sensors Indicate An Intruder Is Present"0:03
67Unknown ArtistCyclops Roars, Shot By Laser, Falls0:28
68Jonathan HarrisJonathan Harris Interview - The Character Of Dr. Smith1:28
69OrchestraMurderous Pursuit
Composed By – Paul Sawtell
70Gary ConwayGary Conway Interview2:02
71David HedisonDavid Hedison Interview - 19951:53
72OrchestraSpace Storm/Through The Thing/Crash Landing/Giant Ford
Composed By – Alexander Courage
73 Suite From The Crash (John Williams)
74Unknown ArtistForcefield Projector0:23
75Deanna LundDeanna Lund Interview1:26
76Unknown ArtistStuds In Space #1 (Radio Spot)0:60
77Lee MerriwetherLee Merriwether Interview0:38
78Unknown ArtistRobot Activated0:51
79Don MarshallDon Marshall Interview0:41
80OrchestraSuiting Up/Stranglehold/The Landing/Search For John
Composed By – John Williams
81Mark GoddardMark Goddard Interview0:44
82OrchestraVoyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Long End Credit (Seaview Theme)
Composed By – Paul Sawtell
83OrchestraThe Monster Rebels/A Walk In Space/Finale
Composed By – John Williams
84OrchestraEscape Velocity/Robot Control/Meteor Storm/Defrosting
Composed By – John Williams
85OrchestraLost In Space (Main Title - Season II)
Written-By – John Williams
86Dick Tufeld"I Am Lost In Space"0:03
87OrchestraSmith's Evening/Judo Chop/On The Pad/Countdown
Composed By – John Williams
88OrchestraJonah And The Whale Main Title
Composed By – Jerry Goldsmith
89OrchestraFlying "A" Station/Floating Lady/The Big Whew/Irwin Van Belt
Composed By – Alexander Courage
90OrchestraThe Iceberg Cometh/Time Transfer/The Jungle
Composed By – John Williams
91Unknown ArtistJet Pack Lift-Off0:30
92OrchestraA Plant Planet
Composed By – Alexander Courage
93OrchestraPushy Fellow
Composed By – Alexander Courage
94OrchestraLost In Space End Title
Composed By – John Williams
95Unknown ArtistDebbie The Bloop0:09
96OrchestraChariot Titles/Farenheit A Go-Go/The Chariot Continues/Sunstorm
Composed By – John Williams
97OrchestraTo The Tunnel/Tony Enters Machine/Tony's First Trip/Titanic Trot/The Titanic
Composed By – John Williams
98Unknown ArtistElectronic Pop #3 0:09
99OrchestraSolid Ice
Composed By – Paul Sawtell
100Unknown ArtistOscillator #20:45
101 Suite From The Haunted Lighthouse
102OrchestraJonah And The Whale End Credit
Composed By – Jerry Goldsmith
103OrchestraLost In Space End Title - Season Three
Composed By – John Williams
104 Suite From Rendezvous With Yesterday
105OrchestraThe Weightless Waltz
Composed By – John Williams
106Unknown ArtistFlying Sub Pass-By0:48
107Unknown ArtistAlien Computer0:45
108OrchestraIn The Battle/Lost Trail/Ann Worried/Michael's Dog/No Signs/Omens/Corporal Shot/The Trunk
Composed By – George Duning
109OrchestraMillion Miles/Dust Ball/Episode Titles
Composed By – Alexander Courage
110Marta Kristen, Bill MumySloop John B (From "Castles In Space")1:13
111OrchestraWater Drain/More Garbage
Composed By – John Williams
112Orchestra, Dick TufeldVoyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (Main Title With Voiceover & FX)
Composed By – Paul Sawtell
113 Suite From The Great Vegetable Rebellion
114OrchestraLand Of The Giants Main Title - Season II
Composed By – John Williams
115 Bonus Disc (Continued)
116Unknown ArtistOscillator #10:48
117Unknown ArtistJupiter II Crash-Lands0:33
118OrchestraCollision Course I/Collision Course II/Diving Party/Going Down
Composed By – Jerry Goldsmith
119David HedisonDavid Hedison Interview - 19662:49
120Dick Tufeld"You And I Are Friends, Will Robinson"0:03
121OrchestraEpisode Titles/Howling Hyacinths/The Vegetable/Sprouting Smith/Vic's Smithy/Judy's Goat/The Dry Boys/Caught By A Carrot
Composed By – Alexander Courage
122 Suite From The Death Merchant
123OrchestraMorning After/The Inland Sea/Land Ho/Strange Visitor
Composed By – John Williams
124Jonathan HarrisJonathan Harris Interview - The Robot Alliteratives1:45
125Unknown ArtistMonster Spores0:21
126OrchestraThe Sniveling Sneak
Composed By – Alexander Courage
127Orchestra"Space-A-Delic" (From "The Promised Planet")
Composed By – Pete Rugulo
128OrchestraVoyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
Arranged By – Nelson RiddleComposed By – Jerry Goldsmith
129OrchestraA Whale Of A Whale/Thar She Blows/A Whale Of A Time/The Second Dive
Composed By – Jerry Goldsmith
130Unknown ArtistLaser Drill0:13
131OrchestraLost In Space Alt. End Credit
Composed By – John Williams
132Dick Tufeld"It Is Dr. Smith Who Is A Bubble-Headed Booby"0:03
133 Volume IV: The Time Tunnel
134OrchestraLand Of The Giants End Title - Season II
Composed By – John Williams
135 Volume I: Lost In Space
136Unknown ArtistJupiter II Lands, Legs Extend1:13
137 The Robot Speaks - Dick Tufeld
138OrchestraFitzhugh's Gun/Hiding Place
Composed By – John Williams
139 Volume II: Lost In Space
140Dick Tufeld"That Does Not Compute"0:03
141James DarrenJames Darren Interview1:50
142OrchestraLost In Space (Main Title - Season I)
Written-By – John Williams
143Unknown ArtistElectronic Pop #2 0:08
144Unknown ArtistTime Tunnel Viewscreen Activates0:09
145Dick Tufeld"My Power Cells Are Extremely Low"0:05
146OrchestraThe Earthquake
Composed By – John Williams
147Dick Tufeld"Danger, Danger Will Robinson!"0:03
148Don MathesonDon Matheson Interview1:57
149OrchestraJ-5 Listens To Penny/J-5 To The Rescue/Last Scene
Composed By – Joseph Mullendore
150Unknown ArtistAlarm Beep0:20
151Bill MumyBill Mumy Interview - (Includes "Greensleeves")3:04
152OrchestraA Meal Fit For A Whale/Crash Dice/Sub Narcotics
Composed By – Jerry Goldsmith
153OrchestraThe Time Tunnel (W. Tic-Toc FX)
Composed By – John Williams


CategoryArtistTitle (Format)LabelCategoryCountryYear
GNPBX 3009Various The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen ‎(6xCD, Album, Comp, Box + CD, Los + CD, Los + CD, V)GNP CrescendoGNPBX 3009US1996


  • Art Direction [CD Art Direction], Compilation Producer [Associate Album Producer]Mark Banning
  • Compilation Producer [Album]Neil Norman, Nick Redman
  • Executive-Producer [Album]Kevin Burns
  • Liner NotesBill Mumy, Jon Burlingame
  • Mastered By [Digital Mastering]Bob Fisher
  • Supervised By [Music Supervision]Lionel Newman
  • Technician [Digital Transfers By]Daniel Hersch


The front cover art for Volume 4 (disc 4) errantly displays the catalog number GNPD 8048 (instead of GNPD 8047). This number has been crossed-out on some copies. The catalog number is printed correctly on the disc and the other artwork associated with Volume 4. Another boxed-set exists which displays the correct catalog number on the front cover of Volume 4.

Album based on music and material featured in "The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen" (a television documentary from September, 1995)

CD 1: Lost In Space, Volume One (GNPD-8044)
CD 2: Lost In Space, Volume Two (GNPD-8045)
CD 3: Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (GNPD-8046)
CD 4: The Time Tunnel (GNPD-8047)
CD 5: Land Of The Giants (GNPD-8048)
CD 6: Bonus Disc (GNPD-8049)
℗ © 1996 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

A four-sided cardboard slip case fits over the box which holds the CDs. It is printed with metallic inks and is designed to look as if it has been embossed. The first three photos (in the image section of this submission) show the slip case.

Tracks 2-2, 2-3 and 2-5 also contain themes composed by John Williams.


  • Barcode (Box and slip case): 052824300927
  • Barcode (Disc 1): 052824804425
  • Barcode (Disc 2): 052824804524
  • Barcode (Disc 3): 052824804623
  • Barcode (Disc 4): 052824804722
  • Barcode (Disc 5): 052824804821
  • Barcode (Disc 6): 052824804920
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): S.O. GNPD8044 W.O. 106859 DISC MFG., INC.
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): S.O. GNPD8045 W.O. 106863 DISC MFG., INC.
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3): S.O. GNPD8046 W.O. 106862 DISC MFG., INC.
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 4): S.O. GNPD8047 W.O. 106861 DISC MFG., INC.
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 5): S.O. GNPD8048 W.O. 106864 DISC MFG., INC.
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 6): S.O. GNPD8049 W.O. 106860 DISC MFG., INC.
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 1): IFPI L801
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 2): IFPI L801
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 3): IFPI L802
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 4): IFPI L801
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 5): IFPI L802
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 6): IFPI L804
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 1): IFPI 2F70
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 2): IFPI 2F61
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 3): IFPI 2F63
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 4): IFPI 2F53
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 5): IFPI 2F56
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 6): IFPI 2F70
  • Rights Society: BMI
  • Rights Society: ASCAP


  • Phonographic Copyright (p) – Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • Copyright (c) – Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • Manufactured By – GNP Crescendo Record Co., Inc.
  • Published By – Skelton Music
  • Published By – Wb Music Corp.
  • Published By – Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
  • Published By – So Boss Music
  • Pressed By – Disc Manufacturing, Inc.


Irwin Allen 1916-1991 is probably the only television producer who could possibly be the focal point of a multi-disc music collection. The composers featured here include Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Alexander Courage, and Joseph Mullendore - what they have in common is work for Allen on his series Voyage To the Bottom of the Sea, Lost In Space, Time Tunnel, and Land of the Giants. Listen free to Various Artists The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen Lost in Space Main Title, Suite From the Reluctant Stowaway: Smith's Evening, Judo Chop, On the Pad, Countdown and more. 132 tracks 304:17. Most often on , compilation album tracks appear under the name of Various Artists erroneously because the individual artist is not listed in the album's ID3 information. Warning . Посмотреть сведения об участниках альбома, рецензии, композиции и приобрести альбом 1996 Box Set CD от The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen на June Lockhart, Bill Mumy, Irwin Allen, Sheila Allen. Director: Kevin Burns. PagesMediaBooks and magazinesBookThe Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen. English UK Русский Українська Suomi Español. Privacy Terms Advertising AdChoices Cookies . Happy 104th Birthday to Irwin Allen His exciting vision still keeps us all feeling young Thanks to Madman Films for this flashback homage. Kind of makes you want to pick up your copy of THE FANTASY WORLDS OF IRWIN ALLEN. A few copies still remain. From the 'MASTER OF DISASTER' Irwin Allen creator of LOST IN SPACE, three legendary sci-fi TV classics - THE TIME TUNNEL, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA,. Irwin Allen in the 1960s was the master of scifi, fantasy and disaster. He was known to think big on a tight budget. This DVD gives a true perspective of the works of Irwin Allen. I am also a fan of Lost in Space, and so having Billy Mumy and June Lockhardt narrate the special was a wonderful treat. It was also fun to watch the robot make an appearance even though his right arm needed repair and a cameo appearance by the late, great Jonathan Harris. Although the special was meant to show Irwin's greatest accomplishments, the only small critical point I would personally make. Listen to The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen by phonic soundandvision for free. Follow phonic soundandvision to never miss another show. Reposted by2. Favorited by3. Listeners58. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1961. Music By. Various Artists. Alexander Courage. George Duning. Jerry Goldsmith. Joseph Mullendore. Paul Sawtell. John Williams. Disc Time: Total Album Time: 10:08 234:19. Related Albums. Released: June 23, 2020. Format: CD 294 min. Irwin Allen is the king of televisual fantasy and disaster films of the 60's and 70's. He created entertaining, groundbreaking science fiction television with Lost In Space his most loved. His disaster films spanned the small and big screen with The Poseiden Adventure and The Towering Inferno his most successful. Come in and explore the many other Irwin Allen Worlds within. 1960s Tv Shows Sci Fi Tv Shows Sci Fi Comics Old Comics Classic Comics Classic Tv Comic Book Covers Comic Books Mejores Series Tv. Land of the Giants 1968-70, ABC Loved this show, never missed it . Disc IDs 2. Cover Art 0. Album Soundtrack. Status: Official. Language: English. Script: Latin

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